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User Guide

Connect your store and start the magic.

After installing the app, CartConvert actively tracks cart activity, detecting when a cart is generated, advances to the checkout stage, and ultimately converts into an order. Users' phone numbers are collected from their accounts or checkout pages. We'll modify the label on the phone number field to keep users informed. It's important to note that in accordance with our terms, CartConvert is exclusively intended for use by live individuals and cannot be utilized for marketing purposes.

Workflow example
Abandoned Cart Recovery

Step 1

Initially, a prospective buyer showed interest in purchasing but left before completing the checkout process.

CartConvert's Ecommerce platform integration automatically gathers their checkout information, enabling us to reach out personally to these potential customers.

Step 2

Our live agents proactively connect with these individuals using the data collected during their checkout.

By engaging them directly, we aim to understand their reasons for not finalizing the purchase, address their concerns, and assist in their decision-making process to complete the transaction.

Step 3

We promptly respond to their inquiries in real-time, guiding them through the purchase process.

Certain queries that may hinder a purchase are best resolved through direct interaction rather than email. Typical concerns involve shipping details, sizing or measurements, and specific product-related questions.

Step 4

By combining a slight discount with a personalized touch, we provide the shopper with a link to their abandoned cart. This approach effectively transforms a missed opportunity into a new and satisfied customer for your brand.

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